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Interplex PMP

Interplex PMP manufactures precision components including stamped and plated parts, plastic mouldings including insert moulding and in-line moulding, assemblies and tape and reel packaging. Founded in 1968, Interplex PMP offers a “one stop shop” facility, working in conjunction with customer product designers from the outset of a project to determine the best and most cost-effective solutions. Precision, quality and dedication to the needs of the customer are embedded throughout Interplex PMP - from the boardroom to the shop floor - since the company's inception. INTERPLEX PMP SUMMARY OF SERVICES: Prototypes: In-house design and manufacture of prototype tooling for stamped metal components as well as short run volumes. Tooling: In-house tooling capabilities include grinding and Wire EDM machining and profiling to produce steel and carbide tooling designed to meet exacting specifications. Metal Stamping: Design, manufacture and production of progression tooling for volume applications. Press capacity from 10 tons to 150 tons with speeds of 75 to 1800 strokes per minute. Plating/Selective Plating: A range of options is available from in-house facilities including copper, nickel, tin, tin-lead and gold. Selective plating techniques include: Controlled depth, Brush plating, and Mask plating for nickel and gold stripes. Skiving: Skiving produces a dual or multi-gauge product with a smooth finish. This method of removing material is very cost effective and closely controlled specified thicknesses can be achieved. Insert Molding: Overmolding of plastic onto stamped components. Capacity of 35 tons to 185 tons utilizing both rotary and reel-to-reel equipment. Injection Molding: Custom injection molding of high volume, tight tolerance injection molding for the automotive, communications, consumer, electronics, industrial and medical industries. Product Assembly: Final assembly of various products, utlizing automated equipment and robots. PMP also offerss multiple packaging techniques such as tape and reel.