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Exmos Ltd

For the last 25 years, Exmos has focused on the delivery of technology solutions to the Manufacturing sector and the broader Process Industry. During this time, we have built up an international client base in the US and Europe. We develop, deploy and support application technology which is used to monitor, analyse and “bring to life” real time critical information for clients running 24-hour process systems where any outage or performance degradation is critical. Our technology uses Big Data and Machine Learning to bridge the IT/OT chasm faced by so many factory owners, delivering one single operational systems view.

We have developed our own IP-rich Industry 4.0 technology, SentiLAN™, which monitors and visually tracks the performance of each manufacturing system component ensuring optimum performance is achieved at all times.

Our team of highly experienced analysts and engineers have gained an enviable reputation with some of the strongest brands in the market for their technical expertise, customer focus and creative solution delivery. We at Exmos are proud of our reputation for “keeping the line running”, and we’re all about making processes Pain-Free.