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There's money hiding in the work you do, sometimes we just can't see it, with the correct support, uncovering it can be easy.

Catax operates in the Research & Development (R&D) Tax Relief and Capital Allowance market, securing £204m of net tax relief for our 14,000 clients in the past ten years. We have a proven track record, a 90 strong team of industry, business and tax experts at our head office, and many more on the ground. Together, we make a complicated process simple, we work hard to minimise our clients’ involvement whilst achieving the most favourable result.

Our dedicated team here in Scotland work closely with companies across all sectors, offering support and guidance throughout the process, our report writing skills are informed and our knowledge of HMRC’s requirements current due to our role on their Research & Development Advisory Board.

R&D is happening all around us, at kitchen tables, in back street lock ups, assembly lines and boardrooms. There are the high profile company and media driven innovations, but realistically, most innovations happen to satisfy a business need or gap in the market, when they are more than likely absorbed into the day to day work processes, becoming the norm, and just ‘part of the job’. This is when our expertise comes to the fore, our forensic approach to understanding your business means we uncover all the activities you take for granted whilst exposing the funds recoverable.

Through this hands on approach, relationships are forged with our clients providing a virtual database of specialist individuals and innovative companies, available to be referred around the Catax network in Scotland and beyond, increasing business opportunities and knowledge.

Our shared view that collaboration and education is the key to business success, makes being part of the CeeD network a must, providing us with a platform from which we can relay the benefits of our services across Scotland, providing CeeD members a valuable resource.

Our participation in seminars relating to The Circular Economy, Zero Waste Scotland and Offsite Construction and Manufacturing means we are abreast of developments. Our other professional partnerships are with Universities across the country, the ICAEW, Law Society, CIMA and IFA, all of whom are respected authorities within the industry.

Last year less than a third of one percent of eligible Scottish Companies took advantage of this valuable relief, leaving millions of pounds untouched. Improving this percentage will see millions of pounds flood into the business economy, relieving the financial impact of research and development and encouraging continued future growth.

To find out more about how we can support you, please contact

Ian Cruickshank, 07583 687890