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Business Cost Consultant

BCC are an independent utility consultancy with over 23 years of experience delivering a comprehensive utility management service throughout the UK. Our diverse client base covers key sectors including food & drink, industrial manufacturing, oil & gas, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, commercial, retail and the third sector and ranges from single-site SME’s through to multi-site, multinationals.

Our in-house team of Energy Market Experts, Compliance Specialists, Business Analysts, Efficiency Auditors, Engineers, Scientists and dedicated Client Service Advisors ensures we have the experience and the technical know-how to support our clients across the following core services:

• Utility Procurement – helping our clients/prospects to minimise costs by buying the right utility contracts at the right time. As BCC are independent from the retailers/suppliers it allows us to maintain complete impartiality throughout and means we can be transparent on the fees associated with the support; this transparency allows us to avoid the conflict of interest most brokers have in finding the right contract against maximising their commission. BCC routinely go to the full market which can often be in excess of 20 options, to ensure a truly competitive tender process.
• Efficiency Improvement Auditing – we have in-house engineers and scientists who focus on helping our clients to do more with less, cutting costs, increasing sustainability and minimising their impact on the environment.
• Billing Verification – our back-office team can outsource bill verification to ensure supplier invoices are accurate, identify historic overcharges and work on our clients/prospects behalf to recoup any money due.
• Retailer Management – by outsourcing the day-to-day management of your utility contracts and the suppliers, BCC can reduce the internal admin time required, helping to free up resource to focus on higher value opportunities.
• Dispute Resolution – working on our clients behalf to resolve technical disputes relating to their utility use and the associated contracts such as mis-sold contracts, disputes over consumption accuracy, application of incorrect tariffs and charges etc.
• Technical Consultancy Support – independent, technical advice on all aspects of utilities including (but not limited) to new and/or upgrading utility connections, energising/de-energising sites, sub and smart metering, legislative and regulatory compliance (i.e. CRC reporting, ESOS) and renewables etc.

Get in touch to see how we can add value to your business.

Neil Sullivan
Tel: 07720087012
Email: neil.sullivan@businesscostconsultants.co.uk