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Briggs Marine

Briggs Marine and Environmental Services are based in Burntisland in Fife. The company supplies services across a range of industries working off shore in the marine sector with services ranging from vessel charter to diving projects to renewable energy, emergency response and salvage. A major player in worldwide oil spill response, Briggs operates in countries around the world delivering a full suite of environmental solutions including Consultancy, Training and Planning as well as Tier 1, 2 and 3 Spill Response Services. The Briggs Group services include subsea cable installation and maintenance solutions and Renewable Energy Services. Focus is on a wide range of services covering Project Management, Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment, Vessel Supply, Subsea Cable Solutions, Mooring Analysis and Engineering, and Environmental Consultancy. Oil and Gas Terminal Operations (OGTO) is a key service offered by the Briggs Group and we have been providing suitably qualified and experienced personnel for various oil majors since 1984. Our goal is to provide our clients with a consolidated site-specific product movement package dedicated to ensuring that cargoes are safely handled at all stages of the process from arrival to departure. Our skilled site based teams work closely with terminal managers to ensure that all products are transferred as efficiently as possible. With the ability to create bespoke solutions for our clients and end to end project planning, Briggs offers “total solutions” to our clients, whatever the project and has the experience to advise on multiple areas of operation. Please browse through the services we offer, take a look at our previous projects and make an enquiry to find out more about how we can assist you with your project.